In connection with collections after a fellow second year Rebekah was talking about theses Russian dolls and how if we had any  to bring them in so she could see them photograph them I instantly was like I have one its red I will bring it in so yesterday I do and showed her I think she found it interesting to see because compared to hers mine is quite different probably which makes them all special and a one of. I’m really pleased to have had Rebekah to bring this up and help inspire me to blog about my Russian Doll something I would have never had thought about.

I found looking at it quite interesting again re discovering it playing with it taking it apart because it’s been years since I have it just stays on my mantle piece on top of my birthday and Christmas cards from last year which I still love and are special to me, along with my other ornaments and Nick Nacs as I call them there are so many words. Including a fair amount of dolphin figurines because I love them there my favourite animal my dream is to swim with them have that experience.

I love how when I was playing with my Russian doll bits of the wood were coming on to the floor and the lids don’t stay screwed on but the fact it’s a Father Christmas faced one which is red it’s perfect to me in my eyes which makes me so pleased that I do have it like most of my things I’ve still got some are clogging up my house in my  room our cellar which is a bit crazy but oh well .

When you play with it one if you have one a Russian Doll its one big one small medium and a tiny one so there a little family a collection with reminds me of my resin red men who a family collection there are more than one of them so the connections are there I’m joining up the dots which I feel I’m doing more of now on the second year which is so important to more so because things look clearer when it happens not so complicated which art can be sometimes. I love that it’s a repeated dot to dot rotational pattern.

I photographed my Russian dolls a few times yesterday and on Thursday evening at my house showing all of the dolls individually taken out of the big one there are so many layers to them I really love that because layers, scale, colour and line really excite me the elements to what I create which hopefully makes it less boring to the viewer well I think so anyway.

Because flat it dull boring not to say that when I draw it is flat boring but it’s not there for you to be able to touch see from all angles that’s why I make my drawings so energetic to create that sculptural effect as much as I can in my crazy chaotic way of drawing I want them to stand out as mine no one else’s which I hope people who know my work can see but in time lots of people who don’t know me can see and be able to tell that this drawing is by me Roseanna Chew and the same with my 3D moulds. But it’s how I do that is a progress which I am still on learning.

The next lot of photos I will take of my Russian Doll will be with my resin red men I think that will be really useful to see them alongside each other they relate a lot to each to other they are a series when looking at my previous photos from yesterday mainly not so much from Thursday there is a story to them which I do love and in my work I’ve discovered that it’s really important recording everything bit by bit explaining what happened when I am great at.

Which I think I am admired for that by others around me specially my tutor Jane I think I found that when chatting to her about my work she can see the passion I have when telling a story about my moulds how they started out what inspired me.

Red is my favourite colour when I’m creating making art drawing or making my 3D moulds I think of what colour to use its instantly red it’s always my go to colour it just makes me so happy excited it’s powerful, intense. I feel I am always going to create something special with then using red it’s a lucky colour.

A lot people may think oh no its red that’s quite a negative harsh colour to use to create a positive vibe in art but that’s their view I’m not traditional in that sense each to their own I say.

My photos below here of my Russian Red Doll as a series taken apart showing the each one. Just to say my quality of  photo isn’t that good with my shadows appearing.

.IMG_2191russian doll 1IMG_2189
 russian doll 2 Russian doll 3 Russian doll 4 Russian doll 5 Russian doll 6 Russian doll 7 Russian doll 8 Russian doll 9  Russian Doll 11T Russian Doll 13