October 2016

Red Figure at the Tony Cragg Exhibition

26.10.16 Since they are a part of me because I created them hopefully this is going to be easy to answer in response to this question What was my figures initial reaction to Tony Craggs Sculptures?  I think my one... Continue Reading →


Tony Cragg Exhibition Lisson Gallery

26.10.16 So recently it was half term which meant I didn't need to be at uni I got a week off so on one of the days I went on an art gallery seeing trip to London because there were... Continue Reading →

Georgia O’Keeffe Exhibition

26.10.16 What was my initial reaction to her work? I think I was so taken about by the incredible scale of her paintings they blew me away even though my work isn't based in painting, I found the paintings so... Continue Reading →

Different ways to reflect on research/work involving Mind Maps.

20.10.16 Jo our tutor gave us some different ideas ways to reflect on which don't involve much writing because she said to us about how it can be quite hard and not as exciting to be constantly use writing as... Continue Reading →

Photographing my Red Resin figures for Christmas Cards!

20.10.16 So yesterday I got to do something quite exciting I got to use one of the photography studios at Colchester Institute to photograph my Red resin made figures for the Christmas cards I have been planning and wanting to... Continue Reading →

Updated Studio and Wall Work

13.10.16 So Thursday was a very productive day and fun packed day I decided to update my studio space change it around take some paintings I had done in the summer of the courgettes my dad grew in his allotment... Continue Reading →

Group Discussion Thoughts.

13.10.16 I did worry a bit when Jo mentioned to us about a reflection research action plan we all would have to do for next week so she could see how we plan out and organize our reflections research because... Continue Reading →

Spray Painting one of my plaster figures Red.

13.10.16 So after making nine plaster cast figures I decided I wanted to experiment with one using spray paint of course using red spray paint because its obvious I love red. I wanted to use spray paint because I not... Continue Reading →

Tutorial after Thoughts / Reflection

13.10.16 I had started last Thursday doing theses collages with photocopied imagery of sculptors work I been looking at for my dissertation Antony Gormley, Allan McCollum.Which were on my table as Jo came over to start my tutorial with me.... Continue Reading →

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