Collecting After reading an interview from Sol le Witt’s wife, I was surprised at how he had managed to afford these new collections when his wife had always claimed that they didn’t have enough money. He always used a quote from Gertrude Stein to explain himself, which said ‘a work of art is priceless or worthless’. It is a simple way of looking at art because what if the work itself is worthless but it is still meaningful to the owner of the possessions. Stein’s quote is black and white in the eyes of Sol le Witt but I disagree, because you could own something that is very expensive but there is no love for it. It depends on the person with how they see possessions and how important these items are to them. Everyone has their own opinion about these things and it could be a result of their childhood or background.

After looking at Sol le Witt’s work at the Sainsbury’s Art Centre on Tuesday, I really admire him with how he has presented his collections. They were all neatly framed in rows which looked very technical with how they were ordered with careful consideration. Not one of these were out of place and that is what I loved about seeing his work on display because it made me want to have my work displayed in such a careful way as well. My work is more chaotic and messy and as much as I want to be organised with how I manage my work, it is shown in a more expressive way. It is a bit of a battle between these two elements.

I have researched Sol le Witt previously but never about his collections because I hadn’t known about him as a collector until recently. 

You don’t hear about these artists and their personal life and what their hobbies and interests are outside of their traditional art that we all know about. This was interesting to hear about and what we found out at the exhibition surprised me and I wonder how many others didn’t know about him as a collector when looking at his work that had been exhibited. 


Some of Sol Le Witts collections photographed individually framed all in order structured organised together.