October 2015

The World goes Pop Exhibition at the Tate Modern in London

I loved seeing this exhibition being a big pop art fan I was really excited to see it, experience it the colour the wow factor big statement art pieces in every room so expressive bold intense. I loved the entrance... Continue Reading →


Autunm leaves hanging out with course friend Abbie Easey related to Collections Project

So yesterday I went to do start my drawing module proposal for Mick Stubbs in the afternoon based in TLR to work meeting Abbie there too so I was working and chatting but later when we left to go to town hang... Continue Reading →

Studio Wall space including my table ~#REDThemed

So as you can see there is a lot of red featured I thought I would carry on the theme from my last project I did before the summer for Chromophobia because it was a success I was able to... Continue Reading →

My Red Russian Doll

In connection with collections after a fellow second year Rebekah was talking about theses Russian dolls and how if we had any  to bring them in so she could see them photograph them I instantly was like I have one... Continue Reading →

Collecting The Project and Thoughts on the Sainsburys Art Centre in Nowrich. 

 Collecting After reading an interview from Sol le Witt’s wife, I was surprised at how he had managed to afford these new collections when his wife had always claimed that they didn’t have enough money. He always used a quote... Continue Reading →

Presenting my silicon moulds in Studio From Yesterday

          Photos of my blue silicon mould in my studio space alongside my ree resin men and hearts shapes in different positions on the white plinths which were just next to my space and no one was using... Continue Reading →

Silicon Mould template making from 21.10.15 and Yesterday 22.10.15

From in the workshop today with The technician giving me a hand Martin. I really enjoyed getting stuck into making it was a process which I love because you can get an outcome which is great or maybe in progression... Continue Reading →

The Courtauld Gallery London Trip.

19.10.15 Seeing theses sculptures outside in The Courtauld Gallery in London last month by the artist Marc Quinn as part of his exhibition called Broken Sublimes forming two bodies of work called Broken Wave. Theses made me feel excited curious... Continue Reading →

Frieze Art Fair 2015 My First Time Experiencing it on the 17.10.15 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Frieze Art Fair 2015 Well what can I say it was an experience so busy full of people from artists themselves family's young adults like me people who just love art or maybe want to get into art so they... Continue Reading →

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