Projection Experimentation Fun!

From the  18.1.18  now the 24.1.18 What I want to say? Why I decided to explore with projection again and why involve acetate? Its this idea of looseness and freedom I get when I have previously experimented with projection and acetate which... Continue Reading →


January Exhibition cancellation changes. A detailed Reflection.

17.1.18 From the beginning................. So last year in December since we had decided we weren't going to do have a Christmas exhibition that month we thought about having one in the new year now in 2018 in this month January to mid February. We... Continue Reading →

Latest group critique feedback / reflection on my life sized sculptural figure.

Image of my life sized sculptural figure in front of my studio space.  Writing below. 30.11.17 Introduction So last week after the previous week I had originally brought my life sized sculptural in and it not getting the attention it... Continue Reading →

Summer Project Mind Map

11.10.17  Introduction So in the summer holiday break our tutor Johnathan gave us a summer project to do which involved him selecting an object or type or material in which we had use in as an idea you would to... Continue Reading →

Recent Critique Thoughts about my Sculptural Figures from the over the months and past year. AKA Summing up.

7.6.17 Since the last critique before the christmas holidays to the last one I had with my fellow peers and tutor the main point that came across too me from them was that my sculptural figures weren't being portrayed how... Continue Reading →

Silicone mould figure testing making

18.5.17 So making theses two testers from silicone which wasn't the first time I had used silicon to make a figure or two I had made one before and also of course to make my moulds I made theses to... Continue Reading →

Clearing my studio Space and Selfies in it ready for the Degree Show!!!!!!

18.5.17 So clearing out my studio space was an interesting experience as it was bittersweet in the sense a bit as I won't have it until I come back now after the summer but also now I am a part-time... Continue Reading →

Making even more new Red Resin Figures in the same week take two!

1.12.16 Why I decided to make a second batch of new red resin figures? I decided to make more figures because I had this burning desire too in me which is raw and deep and I feel like when you... Continue Reading →

Group Discussion Thoughts.

13.10.16 I did worry a bit when Jo mentioned to us about a reflection research action plan we all would have to do for next week so she could see how we plan out and organize our reflections research because... Continue Reading →

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