June 2016

My Sketches Jenny Saville

Sketches Jenny Saville So I had already seen theses Jenny Saville Drawings before last Tuesday when I had gone with my mum previously, so I decided instead of taking photos of them again this time I would sketch them, to be honest I wasn't... Continue Reading →


Quick Animations I have done.

Quick Animations I have done. So I have been recently experimenting with this app on my Ipad called IMovie so I can see my figures move which ultimately shows there character off so much better there not still like if they were in a... Continue Reading →

Grayson Perry House Visit

Grayson Perry House Visit Back in April on a beautiful sunny day I went to Grayson Perry's House with my mum which is in Essex, which was amazing such a great experience to be able to visit his house which was vibrantly... Continue Reading →

One Red Resin Figure London Adventures

Here are selection of photos of one of my red figures made from Resin out and about in Camden in London and other parts of London last week. Theses photos are communicating a story of where my figure is has been... Continue Reading →

My Figure Men photographed professionally.

Figure Men photographed professionally.  Here are Five selected photos I took in the one of the photography studios last month to improve on my portfolio of work to hand in and the quality of my work needed to shown better... Continue Reading →

Newspaper Grayson Perry Article

Grayson Perry Article talking about his sketchbooks from the Guardian Newspaper. What I got from looking at this article reading it was how much passion Grayson Perry has for sketchbooks and how much he still loves to use one himself wherever he is to draw on... Continue Reading →

Camden Art London Gallery Trip

So yesterday I went to London and saw some great amazing art. My tutor Neil works at Anthony Caro's studio the famous sculptor in Camden and we were as a group so lucky to be able to visit it, get a... Continue Reading →

Negative and Positive Concerntina book

So my intention was to create a book showing what I am afraid of when documenting my figures I have created out in the world with the use of photography mostly, but now since making this a coupled of months a... Continue Reading →

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