November 2015

Rachel Whiteread Research linking in with my photographs of my figures I have made.

I have placed certain images of my work my wax crayon/ candle and resin figures from the studio to in London alongside theses selected images of Rachel Whitereads work from her embankment installation to her resin collection. What connects them... Continue Reading →


First Made Wax Candle Men Figures!!!!!!!

On Wednesday I made my first ever using wax candles figures not wax crayons like I used at home in the summer. I used theses red candles I had bought but they turned out to be be not as good... Continue Reading →

Yesterdays happenings in London with my ~#Red men figures

From 8.11.15 Before I got to London on my way I took some photos of my figures on the train so I placed them next to my mum over to the sit behind, so I could take them I was... Continue Reading →

My notes thoughts from the group crit 24.11.15.

From 24.11.15 on Tuesday Group meeting crit tutorial. Think about the balance in your creative life Jane is saying.  Need to think about the future. Putting things into place. Get a website set up even though I have a blog.... Continue Reading →

Presentation from Jane from the 3.11.15

3.11.115 So after showing lots of slides by artists which collect or are obsessed by things relating to the brief for us to maybe research further. We chatted in a group discussion which was interesting to listen to hear these... Continue Reading →

Some of my collections and project title review reflection my journey

My intention was to use what I already had to create a new collection of stuff, so my bags I have  of Orange agate stones collected from a Hornsea Beach which is a beach I always went to when I... Continue Reading →

Blog post 2 on Studio wall collections from late November 2015

I love collecting and for me its important I show this in my work because it embodies me I am letting anyone who walks in to our studio see my work and there going to instantly have thoughts and they... Continue Reading →

My Reflection on an Article called A living repository of still life by Lisa Milroy.

Morning next Tuesday week Phil and Kate at First-site Everyone bring a piece of work on Saturday early. Be really active The British museum magazine photocopied a page for us on the artist Lisa Milroy. Using objects laid out painted over them. A... Continue Reading →

Red Ink Abstraction exploration done drawings!!

So today I just played around with the red ink I have been loving since I bought it from Tindalls The Art shop in Colchester Town recently day I was inspired by a fellow friend who had been using it... Continue Reading →

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