Experiencing the One Two Three Swing! Installation at the Tate Modern.

8.2.18 Introduction: Well first of all if I'm being honest and I am I only went to the Tate Modern just past the main entrance in the Turbine Hall in London to check out this installation and I know that... Continue Reading →


Experiencing “Village” by Rachel Whiteread with my red figure.

2.4.17 What was my intention for seeing Rachel Whiteread's "Village" a collection of lit up dolls houses up close for the first time? My intention was just to see some amazing and exciting art by this artist Rachel Whiteread I... Continue Reading →

Reflective thoughts from Tutorial

17.11.16 What was discussed in the tutorial? I talked with Jo about my collage 2D work  and how to improve and refine them so there not just collages I've done using exploitative ideas which is what they were which I realized wasn't... Continue Reading →

New Experimental Textured Collages

10.11.16 Why I made theses collages? After seeing Abbie my friend making her felt stitched up doll figure I was intrigued to felt in a collage because I could cut it up and create a layered textured appearance which really... Continue Reading →

Peter Fischli & David Weiss

10.11.16 A little bit about the background of Peter Fischli and David Weiss the Swiss artists duo and what there work is about. They have made a real varied amount of work including film photography,sculpture installation. They are best know... Continue Reading →

Joe’s Installation

9.11.16 Firstly Joe is my friend a fellow art student on my course and he created set up this installation. What his work is about? His work is about masculinity which involves gender-ism and changing the perception stereotype of it... Continue Reading →

Enough Tyranny by Marc Camille at the Serpentine Gallery

3.11.16 Context a bit about the artist and his exhibition: Marc Camille is an artist he has done a number of different types of media based work within sculpture photography painting with prototypes for everyday objects. He explores in his... Continue Reading →

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