So as you can see there is a lot of red featured I thought I would carry on the theme from my last project I did before the summer for Chromophobia because it was a success I was able to create my resin moulds hearts and photograph lots of things that featured red in. I love things contained all in one area space mashed up together so its looks so exciting intense but at the same time eventually I know the things I contain like my resin moulds being just kept on display it didn’t show them strongly enough so I had to think to myself theses are starting to look like figures little men as well as art so I photographed them in my garden which really benefited them they were set free.

So at the moment all my work on my studio wall I am placing inside theses wonky shaped rectangles I have been making using tape I have bought red coloured thin and thick one particular tape I had before I used it all was stripey red patterned which gave my wall an even fun funky vibe. I am placing some of my stones washed up glass I have collected inside with my drawings, postcards I even painted one red with my red paint and used my dodgy first crayon mould to colour one in it made a noise on the wall but you do when you’re creating art getting stuck in.

I loved the textured effect from it was rough dotty which is so much better than a plain white background I just wanted to see colour excitement happening and I have made that happen. Because white walls are useful when you want a really professional photo of your work but apart from that white is boring. Having some of the rectangles filled up so busy is great and I do want to keep adding to them making new ones so no space is empty because it means there safe not going anywhere which is important to me the security.

But also keep one just left which is the Red painted rectangle I thought it would why not mix it up have one which is different so my studio wall looks varied not the same because I could of have had the rectangles but I feel in order to push myself I have got keep making different choices which may change how my work is and effects me may hard at times but I’m not going to get anywhere if I keep in my comfort zone all the time.

Right now I am just going to say in a few words why I love RED I mentioned it at the beginning but not in to this detail. Red is my safety comfort zone but also empowers me to push outside my comfort zone with the excitement it brings me to make powerful art. It excites me because its such a passionate intense colour.

red squarered taped sqaurered wallred wall aand ink cartridge  red wall sqaures

red work (2)red work (3)red work (1)updated studio wall

3 updated studio wall picupdated wall studio 2red studio wall20151021_140538

updated studio wall pic 4art studio work 1out of 5 (5)art studio work 1out of 5 (4) 20151027_152328 - Copy 20151022_14554520151022_152616