January 2016

My Finished Red Dollshouse with my figures inside it and Red Lights.

From 27.1.16 and Today 28.1.16 I think now My Red Dollshouse is in my studio finished with my figure men inside it feels like a relief to have got to this point thanks so much to my dad helping so... Continue Reading →


Recent tutorial with Jane Frederick and Kari Carrington Reflection

Tuesday 26th January 201 Summary of points raised I have cleared my studio space and are very excited about the new doll’s house object that will soon occupy the studio space. I recognise that it is the start of the... Continue Reading →

Jane wanted me to reflect on the Alexander Calder at the Tate Modern and the Frank Auerbach show at the Tate Britan that I recently viewed on Saturday 23.1.16 in london. Write a short summary of what I had experienced... Continue Reading →

Points to consider for me and my thoughts from chat with Jane 13.1.16

Look at Rachel Whitehead because her installations really relate to my work we both create from stories and memories but the contexts in which people may see them in our work is probably different because how we go about our... Continue Reading →

The two Comments sheets on my studio wall.

Here is a collage below  I made up of my two comment sheets I put up last year one in November and one in December I think I wanted to get feedback about what I had and this way its... Continue Reading →

15.1.16 The link Jane gave me to look at . Reflection my thoughts. Below. I feel its communicating comfort & security the fact the dollhouses are lit up inside and there small in scale they have a cosy, cute and warm feel... Continue Reading →

Updated Reflection Response 10.1.16

Updated Reflection 10.1.16 In response to the mapping idea given to me as suggestion by Jane last year on the 1.12.15 in a tutorial I haven't done that yet but I like the idea but creating own map that is... Continue Reading →

Reflection on the tutorial I had with Jane before Christmas.

The conversations and questions for me to think about that I had with Jane and Kari Carrington and Joe Harding from the 15 and 17th of December. Starting with the chat with Jane and Kari.. To summarise your recent tutorial... Continue Reading →

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