September 2016

Red Dollshouse in Detail

Now the 30.9.16 Here are to start of with two pics of my dollshouse lit up I wish they were bigger sorry. This is an individual detailed blog post just about my dollshouse being exhibited unlike the one I did... Continue Reading →


Red Scrapbook being exhibited in depth

Now the 30.9.16 I know I have already talked loads about my red book with my other work in my last blog about what I exhibited and why but I just wanted this blog post to be just about my... Continue Reading →

Martin Parr in Conversation.

From the 29.9.16 So at Firstsite last week I saw a advertisement poster at Firstsite about this In Conversation with Martin Parr the well known British photographer whose recently had his work and shown there for quite few months now.... Continue Reading →

Louise Bourgeois at the Tate Modern.

27.9.16 So here is some more art which caught my eye and I wanted to reflect on seeing by the artist sculptor Louise bourgeois who I had not heard of before seeing her work but I now since seeing her... Continue Reading →

Birthday Tate Modern Trip

27.9.16 So last Tuesday on the 27th September it was my 22nd birthday and to celebrate I went to check the new building at the Tate Modern which had lots of new art in it which I found really exciting as a... Continue Reading →

Brief Introduction chat/disscussion with Jo new tutor #HONEST #PERSONAL

I found it informative to have be able to talk to Jo our tutor in a little group with the third years who were there at the time for the induction days group activities to discuss out work briefly explaining... Continue Reading →

The making of the Giant Paper Ball Structures.

So not last week the week before starting on the Monday and we continued on the Tuesday of the 19th September induction week we all met up third years new third year students the now second years and first years... Continue Reading →

Dads Courgettes Mini Series

Courgette Drawing / Paintings Firstly I had started drawing  with a black fine liner pen then painting inside and around the drawn out shape them theses courgettes my dad had grown in his allotment which have become a little series... Continue Reading →

Drawings I did at St Martins Church.

Drawings I did at St Martins Church Colchester during our Allocated Orange art exhibition. So here are a few drawings I did when I was at the church all day Monday the 5th of September so when people visited they... Continue Reading →

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