Change of degree show plans an overall conversation styled ramble basically!

19.4.18 A Thursday............... So originally I wanted for my degree show to be in a enclosed personal separated space a room basically of my own to create the comforting safe vibe type feel I wanted with lots of red included... Continue Reading →


Update on soft red fabric sculptural figure!

21.3.18 Introduction So this is a long overdue update on my lasted work in progress soft red fabric sculptural figure which is soon to be finished in fact I've set myself a deadline to finish it which is before next Friday now... Continue Reading →

Having my latest RFSF exhibited in the Art4U Pop up exhibition!

From the 6.4.18 Introduction: So during the Easter holidays I was able to be apart of pop up art evening exhibition created by my friends of Art4U this great art collaborated team type initiative to help up and coming artists with more... Continue Reading →

Crowd Fundraising for our Degree Show!

21.3.18So last week we set up as crowd fundraising for our upcoming degree show to raise money for it which I personally think was and is still a great idea to do as especially since we have London show after our degree... Continue Reading →

A Practice Curation Experimentation Session preparation for our Degree Show!

Introduction: From the 28.3.18 So during this mornings session of curation to help us for when we our degree show we  realised was harder than maybe we expected even in this practice session as you have to determine very carefully... Continue Reading →

Experiencing the One Two Three Swing! Installation at the Tate Modern.

8.2.18 Introduction: Well first of all if I'm being honest and I am I only went to the Tate Modern just past the main entrance in the Turbine Hall in London to check out this installation and I know that... Continue Reading →

Plan of action 7 bullet points……….

 From 30.1.18 Plan of action 7 bullet points………. 1. Continue experimenting with projection as it’s something that excites me currently the use of layering which appears and is created recently with my doodle drawings on acetate then being projected and... Continue Reading →

Projection Experimentation Fun!

From the  18.1.18  now the 24.1.18 What I want to say? Why I decided to explore with projection again and why involve acetate? Its this idea of looseness and freedom I get when I have previously experimented with projection and acetate which... Continue Reading →

A Mind Map of my red brio written messy crazy notes/ thoughts.

From the 10.1.18 now the 17.1.18 Introduction So last Wednesday I created a mind map of my new year art plans what I want to create this year what I want to explore as usual with my writing style its... Continue Reading →

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