Experiencing the One Two Three Swing! Installation at the Tate Modern.

8.2.18 Introduction: Well first of all if I'm being honest and I am I only went to the Tate Modern just past the main entrance in the Turbine Hall in London to check out this installation and I know that... Continue Reading →


Plan of action 7 bullet points……….

 From 30.1.18 Plan of action 7 bullet points………. 1. Continue experimenting with projection as it’s something that excites me currently the use of layering which appears and is created recently with my doodle drawings on acetate then being projected and... Continue Reading →

Projection Experimentation Fun!

From the  18.1.18  now the 24.1.18 What I want to say? Why I decided to explore with projection again and why involve acetate? Its this idea of looseness and freedom I get when I have previously experimented with projection and acetate which... Continue Reading →


A Mind Map of my red brio written messy crazy notes/ thoughts.

From the 10.1.18 now the 17.1.18 Introduction So last Wednesday I created a mind map of my new year art plans what I want to create this year what I want to explore as usual with my writing style its... Continue Reading →


January Exhibition cancellation changes. A detailed Reflection.

17.1.18 From the beginning................. So last year in December since we had decided we weren't going to do have a Christmas exhibition that month we thought about having one in the new year now in 2018 in this month January to mid February. We... Continue Reading →


New Year 2018 Big Art Plans!

10.1.18 Introduction To start of with happy new year its now 2018 and I have some big major plans to achieve hopefully this year with my art and which have surfaced from experimental trials processes I've been part of last... Continue Reading →


Taking professional studio photos of my Life Sized Sculptural Figure.

Originally from 16.11.17 Now 13.12.17 Photos below and writing. Introduction So after finishing and taking the initial ones outside in my garden of my  life sized sculptural figure I wanted to bring it in and show my peers and tutor... Continue Reading →


My now current studio wall space change around transformation from 4.12.17.

Images above writing below. 4.12.17 Introduction So from towards mid to the end of last month more a less my studio wall has been bothering me whenever I've looked at it I've not seen so much of my own work on... Continue Reading →


Latest group critique feedback / reflection on my life sized sculptural figure.

Image of my life sized sculptural figure in front of my studio space.  Writing below. 30.11.17 Introduction So last week after the previous week I had originally brought my life sized sculptural in and it not getting the attention it... Continue Reading →


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