May 2017

Photographing two of my sculptural figures in my garden.

22.5.17 What inspired me to want to photograph my two sculptural figures in my garden ?  Well considering I thought I have my impending deadline of this module of work which inspired me I thought I should take some more... Continue Reading →


Silicone mould figure testing making

18.5.17 So making theses two testers from silicone which wasn't the first time I had used silicon to make a figure or two I had made one before and also of course to make my moulds I made theses to... Continue Reading →

Clearing my studio Space and Selfies in it ready for the Degree Show!!!!!!

18.5.17 So clearing out my studio space was an interesting experience as it was bittersweet in the sense a bit as I won't have it until I come back now after the summer but also now I am a part-time... Continue Reading →

Seeing the recent latest Minories Art Gallery exhibition called Between Things bringing along my red resin selected figure to see it.

13.5.17 Well what can I say The Minories did amazingly well putting on this varied exhibition titled Between Things which consisted of this range of sculptural installation and textile fabric artwork something so different to what I have seen previously... Continue Reading →

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