December 2015

The boxing day Maldon trip for me and my figure men.

A selection of photos from my trip to Maldon I went on last year on Boxing Day with my family and brought my figures along the four resin red one to photograph. Get them more cultured and by doing this... Continue Reading →


Most of my current figure men so far together.

So I wanted to photograph most of my figures that I had currently made so far not all at the time together on the table like this as a collection of my artwork so that's why there laid down to... Continue Reading →

The chocolate and orange coloured figure men I made.

So making theses surprised me the results were unexpected using wax crayons most of the coloured crayons all vanished in the melting pot apart from the darker colours like the brown and orange for some reason stayed apparent until the... Continue Reading →

My updated manifestos red painted !!!!!

My updated manifestos I did using a endless, deep, meaningful and personal reflection I did from the summer of what inspired me to make my wax crayon figures which I then blew up large copies of on the photo copier... Continue Reading →

My sketchbook work and outside bigger drawings mainly.

My work from mainly outside of my sketchbook barely inside I have to be honest because for Jane this is how I work being 3D based but for Mick I do a lot more in my sketchbook just because I... Continue Reading →

A synesthetic bi-polar by Rebekah Wallace

From Monday the 23.11.15 Notes on Becks emotion sensation video Seeing Becks video piece was interesting the smelling the taste touching I felt having the crystal flake candy popping in my mouth and hearing seeing the same similar sound on... Continue Reading →

Questions Feedback from speaking to Jane 1.12.15

From the Tuesday 1st December 2015 My tutorial with Tutor Jane Frederick. Points raised during tutorial discussion  Reflecting on the experiences at Firstsite, I identified some key points raised during my group crit. which were interesting to me: The fact that I want... Continue Reading →

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