The artist Mark Wilsher came from Norwich artist previously taught at Colchester institute and studied in London St. Martians and the exhibitions on downstairs here at the Minories showing us which is about curating. He is Obsessed with art.

Has a website does a lot of writing.
He uses a whole load of borrowed artworks reproductions of famous artworks.
That is interesting to him and lots of others. Wants people to like his work in some way which what I like to do as well.
Provides lots of ways in.
An easy understandable story of people’s homes looking inside what they have on their walls the art imagery. Artists work Bridget Riley Van Gogh included.
Who you want your audience to be an important question to consider.  A CV is important.
Carey young. A artist he worked with as part of a curation in 2001
Has a list on his phone of he needs to do.
Which he was telling us about us.
Needs to update website is one of the things he mentioned he needs to do got book upcoming to publish be out with Thames and Hudson
A Busy guy.
Worked with a friend who knows Anthony Caro the artist. Currently making things happen a lot.
Finds it difficult to approach to people to help to get them involved in his work a exhibition. Lots of people will say yes to helping you with your work say your an artist he believes.
Jane helped him enlist people and some third years from Colchester institute to help him put on a exhibition did take up. He wanted not just arty people promoted a lot with leaflets advertising the local radio Interviews. Earlier this year this was.
Taking photos of all the visitors houses inside.
Chatting to them interacting with them getting to know more about them 250 houses and 2000 photos by the end he had.
When he started didn’t know what the show was going to be about.
So it was a discovery of exploration.
Duplicates he is really interested in similar work that links together.
Matisse work included. The One only original piece of work. Everything else is a reproduction.
A painting from Ikea a original done by hand.
Where the paintings were bought really important mark asked all the people involved where they were from and the name artist originally.
Framing not that important to him.
Talking about the work is important a part of work and he still has more to do but not continuing with the project. Will get rid of all the leftover photos he think.
Rachel Whiteread work included
A few from the co-operative The range
Georgia O’Keefe work close up flowers leaves based expressive style with the splatter paint textures lumpy bits of paint. Which I like do.
Henry Moore work sculptures from people’s garden included.
The frozen film poster too Disney animation.
Minecraft game poster
Really happy out of his comfort zone likes to be uncomfortable and knows something will happen from it
Suggests us take risks.
A John peal lecture was on radio six music in aid of John peal who died also had stage named after him at Glastonbury festival Jane recommended us to listen too
Reminds Jane of Mark how positive he is about his work and when he talks about his work.
I really liked how positive he came across it was great because I think there are a lot of artists who find it hard to express how much they love what they do because it’s not the most money grabbing job you’re not likely to be super rich unless you get super famous and your art sells for a lot of money.
He really gave us a bust of inspiration, positive, boost, encouragement and energy it made us feel all like we are all amazing. How he went about though going into strangers houses taking all the photos of their walls everything must have been challenging but he has said he doesn’t mind that.
If that was me I don’t think I could have done it I would have felt awkward but as you begin to discover more and more the people chat to them it becomes less awkward.
Which makes it easier for them to let you inside their life and talk about themselves their art which is important for Mark to hear to help him get inspired come up with more ideas for work.
He makes me want to work outside of my comfort zone a lot more than I am doing which I find quite difficult still but so far its made my work a lot more successful than it was before I had. I’m determined too.
I like how he works with his wife who he told us was an artist too but because she has an illness which means she can’t do a lot of day-to-day things.
They both have to think about what they can do together as a collaboration.
He has to help out a lot more because they have a son which is really nice and great how he manages it all.
He said he is not continuing with this work he has done after all the galleries exhibitions promotion. Which he told us that after one of us asked him is he going to continue which means his photos he still has lots of leftover will get thrown away shame I would have liked to have seen them check them out.

I quite like that theses are ordinary objects but placed in a way that looks like they could be considered as art professionally. It’s quite Marcel Duchamp inspired connected I feel with his Urinal Fountain piece which I am interested in which is great because he pushed boundaries and Mark is too which great for him.

The objects have become quite pretty looking even though their ordinary objects which makes me love theses photos.