Frieze Art Fair 2015

Well what can I say it was an experience so busy full of people from artists themselves family’s young adults like me people who just love art or maybe want to get into art so they have decided this particular event is where there going to embrace it it’s as good as any time right because the more people who can the better it is for Art there are still so many people who don’t they think art is this in a box which is their own idea, but there is so much more to art than that.

Walking around I saw a fair amount of art I loved including this colourful, expressive  and large painting which was one of my favorite pieces of art I saw it was absolutely amazing both me and my mum were impressed by it. I loved the scale of it and the sketch/ line drawings making up the whole painting really reminded me of how I work because of the fact it wasn’t just so it was chaotic with lots of energy which I always portray in my drawings whether I am using paint pens tape it’s a way of showing your work to the best of your style which hopefully makes it stands out individually.

I also saw some great installation light sculpture art displayed which got me excited too one was a cardboard made I think looking caravan displayed I also saw a  piece of writing which was lit up with red orangery light on the wall a Tracey Emin piece I really liked because some of her work I find shockingly disgusting and in inappropriate  like her bed with tampons displayed on it and stuff and her video she filmed of her vagina. But at the same time I admire her because it takes bulls bravery and a lot of self-confidence to show this type of art. This piece was simple.effective and quite pretty because of the use of writing light it wasn’t overdone complicated reminding me of her writing displayed on theses fabric quilts I saw in an exhibition of hers a few years a go. Which was really personal to her the words she had in black with red featured it was like thinking about now like a manifesto her own version.

Afterwards I was like to my mum I want to see sculptures in the free park outside but I had to wait because my mum wanted to still look around because it was getting quite exhausting and intense for me not sure if I would go again maybe with some friends would be a different experience to the one I had with my mum more socially fun less stressful at times. One of the sculptures outside I loved I think it was made from metal with curved shapes extended out. I loved the scale of it you could look up and see it and go wow well that’s want I thought anyway. The shapes were layered quite pretty because its layering is repetitive because it can go on and on and I find that important it’s also a security blanket for me I know I can always rely on it.

Some pics of me with the art I particularly liked and on its own sculptures and paintings Installation colourful big expressive and some people walking around the place and walking towards the Frieze entrance with the sign up I photographed.

20151017_13393520151017_14564920151017_145836sculpture myself included outside in frieze20151017_15013220151017_141656light piece at frieze frieze picsculpture frieze. pic winner prize at frieze art fair20151017_14190320151017_145019-1  frieze pic        20151017_134752 20151017_135415091 Tony Cragg Contradiction 201420151017_140937 20151017_135646   009 - Copy  055  046