Life Sized Figures Future Plan

20.3.17 So after some reflective thinking my end goal for next year is to create some life sized figures from plaster or resin. For my end of year show I might have both but will have to consider the fact... Continue Reading →

Unanswered questions and thoughts to consider???

2.2.17 Unanswered questions and thoughts to consider???  So I've made a list but I have to warn readers its long and crazy  a bit my writing but everything about me to understand, but its what I have been made more aware of... Continue Reading →

Space and Light

18.1.17 How does Space and Light define my work? Since making my collection of figures for example I have considered and thought carefully about how space where there shown and light having the right light theses two elements effects my figures... Continue Reading →

Planning an Installation.

12.1.17 At the beginning of this year I had plans to create an installation inside the Hey Gallery consisting of booking it for a week to use as I wanted to see and show my initially everything I had done on the... Continue Reading →

Private View Evening Art Fair /Exhibition at St Martins Church Colchester. /Reflection

9.12.16 I think they were successful it was exciting on the private view to see your work being seen after having a day which we had to sort our work select where we would have it. Having the lights around them on the... Continue Reading →

Making even more new Red Resin Figures in the same week take two!

1.12.16 Why I decided to make a second batch of new red resin figures? I decided to make more figures because I had this burning desire too in me which is raw and deep and I feel like when you... Continue Reading →

New Red Resin Figures

29.11.16 Why I decided to make some more red resin figures? Well I had not made any red resin figures in particular since last march April time last year which is a long time not to make any considering I... Continue Reading →

Customizing this Trainer!!!

24.11.16 So last month we had an idea for our upcoming christmas fair/ exhibition which was this month in December to have a raffle for the guests who come along on the private view evening which can help to raise... Continue Reading →

Made up for fun Biography

24.11.16 So to give some context we as a task had written an imaginary made up bio just for fun and to be able to help us understand and determine better I think what we should say and not say in a biography... Continue Reading →

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