Experimentation with projection using my life sized sculptural figure.

From last year now 2017 Originally from the 16.11.17   Introduction So in November last year we had a visitor come in to do gives a presentation and talk of his work and then to do a sculptural projection experimentation session... Continue Reading →


Initial photos in my garden of my finished Life Sized Sculptural Figure.

Originally from the 12.11.17 this month November now 22.11.17. Introduction So pleased after four months nearly as I started making the blue silicone figures in august I was able to photograph my finished life sized sculptural figure here I took initially in my... Continue Reading →

Trying to create more artwork for free without paying for materials reflection

12.10.17 Now the 13.12.17 Introduction This all stems from the fact that on reflection on now after having made my life sized sculptural silicone made figure realizing how expensive  the silicone was and probably bad for the environment too as its... Continue Reading →

Summer Project Mind Map

11.10.17  Introduction So in the summer holiday break our tutor Johnathan gave us a summer project to do which involved him selecting an object or type or material in which we had use in as an idea you would to... Continue Reading →

Update and Making the Wooden base first for my Life Sized Sculptural Figure.

The photos here below above the blog post of making my wooden base for my life sized sculptural figure including the total of blue silicone made figures shown first.   Now the 22.11.17 from the 2.10.17 So I have to... Continue Reading →

Experiencing the latest new Rachel Whiteread art Exhibition on my 23rd Birthday!!!!!!!

Here's a selection of photos I've picked out here above hope you enjoy looking at them. 27.9.17 To start of in this blog post this was such a great opportunity to experience and go too especially on my 23rd birthday that... Continue Reading →

Being apart of the Float Digital Identity PopUp Exhibition at Colchester Firstsite Art Gallery.

  A selection of my photos I took at the float pop up exhibition are above here hope you all enjoy looking them. 9.9.17 So this was a very exciting opportunity for me which I didn't expect to be apart... Continue Reading →

Sketchbook Honest but chatty catch up Reflection

7. 6.17 So my latest second sketchbook until very recently this past two weeks has been forgotten about it's no surprise with me it's happened before I just forget to update with my work same for this blog in fact... Continue Reading →

Recent Critique Thoughts about my Sculptural Figures from the over the months and past year. AKA Summing up.

7.6.17 Since the last critique before the christmas holidays to the last one I had with my fellow peers and tutor the main point that came across too me from them was that my sculptural figures weren't being portrayed how... Continue Reading →

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