Professionally photographing my latest artwork my Red Fabric Sculptural Figure!

    From Yesterday 11.5.18 now the 15.5.18  (Some selected are posted above) Exciting also not going to exactly to plan and challenging. Starting  with the fact that how I wanted to photograph my Red Fabric Sculptural  Figure originally in my... Continue Reading →


More Updated Degree show space creating and making!

Starting from last Thursday the 10.5.18 Now the 15.5.18 Excitingly busily happenings happening productivity! So last Thursday I got Richard to put up the tepee but I am calling it a den structure up I say I helped him but to be... Continue Reading →

Questions Thoughts on how I include a selected few of my film and polaroid photos in Degree Show. PDP

9.5.18 Questions Questioning Thoughts Stress! So what is going inside my head with in regards to the photos which I used to put in my experimentation installation last week in the Hay Gallery which are a mixture of modern day instax... Continue Reading →

Dictaphone Rambled Recordings! PDP

8.5.18 Ramblings Thoughts  Dictaphone Recording So ever since I got my Dictaphone out to record my critique on Thursday I have been using it mote to just ramble on about thoughts in my head my artwork worries I have about... Continue Reading →

Degree Show updated plans! PDP

28.4.18  Big exciting plans but technically and expensively stressful!  Now the 7.5.18 So annoyingly so I just reopened WordPress on google chrome and wanted to continue with this blog post and turns out its gone what I had already written the joys... Continue Reading →

My week of Experimentation installation in the Hay Gallery !

Above are most of the photos I took from last week for visual context hope you enjoy. Starting from the 30.4.18 to the 4.5.18 Busily productive, Exciting and a learning curve!  The choice of description words to describe this week just... Continue Reading →

Drawing like crazy inside the Hay Gallery last Friday!

Above are some sketches I did for visual context enjoy. From the 4.5.18 last Friday Crazily Friday Sketching with Red Biro Pen! So on the take down day before taking the set up den down and taking my photos from... Continue Reading →

Degree Show title talk discussion thoughts.

28.4.18 This Saturday  Titles for degree show thoughts from conversation with mum. So from speaking to my mum today about titles for my degree show insight I wished I had recorded even though I don't like the sound of my... Continue Reading →

My Instagram account thoughts on it in terms of my artwork!

28.4.18 INSTAGRAM So right now this I feel it is my main art platform and in my life in general as I share from Instagram to Facebook any photos I have now as it like my life diary in pictures... Continue Reading →

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