7. 6.17

So my latest second sketchbook until very recently this past two weeks has been forgotten about it’s no surprise with me it’s happened before I just forget to update with my work same for this blog in fact I get so into making work I won’t reflect on it though soon after I just update my Instagram instead but anyway talking about my sketchbooks again I use them for showing the visual content my work and my collages my main ideas come through into head and I make my ideas into work I tend to sketch them out that often in my sketchbook. The relationship between my sketchbooks and I isn’t as important now I don’t think as it used to be considering the fact I forger about updating them at times. They used to be my everything of work where I would write stick sketch paint fill them to the brim but then they became too intense and hard to take in the writing wasn’t clear for the tutors so now I just prefer to keep it with the visuals and little notes, but I’ve had to write quite a bit on some of the pages just giving detailed explanations about some of mt work annoyingly ruining the pages of visuals but oh well. It is a slightly conflicting thing. My sketchbook the latest one is full of the visuals of all my work I’ve done photographed.