Since the last critique before the christmas holidays to the last one I had with my fellow peers and tutor the main point that came across too me from them was that my sculptural figures weren’t being portrayed how I wanted them too which was for them to be warm welcoming and friendly looking which the audience could happily consider a friend to interactive with my peers and new audiences . Instead they were appearing scary, robotic and aggressive some of my peers said which I think came down to the fact I was using resin and wire to make and attach the figures together and let’s be honest wire and resin don’t portray this warm welcoming appearance as they are hard specially the resin and I understand now how this could appear scary.  Although at the time I was disappointed and frustrated as I thought I was trying my best to get across my true ideas behind my work, but obviously being questioned about it made me think I need to work harder and maybe consider not using resin and wire so maybe try using silicon it was mentioned and now I want to use it to create my future possible life-sized my height sculptural figure as it’s a softer material which will appear a lot more welcoming and friendlier to the audience to engage with. Which will be awesome from a personal perspective for myself as I don’t what to have to struggle again to get my ideas across but who knows art is a complex, intense but also so exciting at times subject and one of the things I have learnt is my ideas don’t always work out successfully and that is challenging to deal with specially because I like things to go to plan always but yeah I always try even so and as long as you try your best that is all that matters.