What was my intention for seeing Rachel Whiteread’s “Village” a collection of lit up dolls houses up close for the first time?

My intention was just to see some amazing and exciting art by this artist Rachel Whiteread I truly admire appreciate and had researched a lot including in my dissertation which I had never seen before in fact I hadn’t seen any of the artists Rachel Whitereads large-scale installation work in the flesh only in books or on the computer some of which I won’t ever get the chance to experience like “House” for example which she did in the 1990’s and her piece “Embankment” an installation of white plaster cast boxes stacked up from what I have seen of it from images you walk around them the layout reminding me of a maze. So having the chance to experience “Village” was incredible for me as I didn’t think I  would get the chance to see any of her installation work I don’t why but as an art student who creates sculptural work whose obsessed with this work by Rachel Whiteread its true inspiration goals. I found the collection of dolls-houses lit up with the lights inside beautiful looking it certainly connected with me giving the impression that life could exist inside them showing a appeared narrative which I think what she is wanting to portray here.

Which relates to my own sculptural figure characters through photography in different places I create stories for them. I don’t think I would have connected as much with the doll houses if they hadn’t had lights inside them the lights made them even more eligible to relate too in terms of comfort and security too as well as the story for the audience which I personally felt as comfort and security is very important to me and my figures as I feel without them I feel anxious.

How did my Red-Figure feel seeing “Village” did he like the idea that life could exist in theses dolls houses?

I like to think my selected red-figure I brought along with me was mesmerized by its surroundings of “Village” the lit up dolls houses as they reminded him of feeling safe and secure in a homely environment which my figure along with his fellow figure family had in the red dolls houses I made. So the collection of dolls-houses was a very positive experience for them. I think my figure could imagine being able to wonder inside theses dolls houses if that was allowed which it’s not and so could I myself could imagine it would be so special as two-story narrative pieces of work would be joined together, creating a completely new narrative story with my work inside Rachel Whitereads. I don’t think it could ever happen though but its an exciting thought. I am really proud to say I got to experience “Village” with my red-figure it will always be a special memory to look back on. There was no way I would have not taken one of my red figures as it was big exciting experience which I felt my figure needed to be there for which I could photograph which I did.

Why I photographed my Red-Figure next to “Village” ?

I think say without the use of documentation through photography of my figures in different places the stories that are created and shown would not exist as physical visual memory it would only be in my head which would mean the audience wouldn’t be able to connect with my figures on a personal level which is why it’s really important for me to take the photos as I want that for the audience and my figures. Also the photos benefit me personally as I feel like most art students I am a visual person visual work helps me greatly to understand better than through writing in my art practice and life I think it’s easier and this is representing this which is amazing.

How has “Village” inspired me with my own collection of Figures I create?

Seeing “Village” has inspired me so much with my own figures I create its given me a new sense of freedom of exploration to push outside the boundaries of what is possible for me to achieve which is anything if I am determined and dedicated enough because  I’ve seen what one of my biggest inspirations can achieve Rachel Whiteread which is amazing strong work. Which is why I have been thinking more and more about what I want to create and how it could happen possibly to go in my degrees show around this time next year which really excites me. Initially my idea in my crazy intense brain was to create four life sized sculptural figures my height posed in friendly comforting positions like one would have its arms out posed like it wants hug one would have smaller one its lap sat down for example but then I thought how can I make four specially in the time I have maybe I could just focus my attention on making one that would be easier.

I would probably make the individual figures slightly bigger making it easier to then join them as they would be I hope quicker to make and  I would use silicon as it’s a soft material not scary like resin I guess the down side is the silicon isn’t red coloured and since I love red it would be amazing to have life-sized sculptural figure in red but also I think it would scare away the audience.

Here below are some of the photos I took when experiencing “Village ” enjoy.