What inspired me to want to photograph my two sculptural figures in my garden ? 

Well considering I thought I have my impending deadline of this module of work which inspired me I thought I should take some more new photos showing a good improved updated progression which I am trying to achieve of my sculptural figure characters but not just as individual singular figures, but joined attached together with wire from the last group of photos in my garden which were of my single individual red coloured resin made figures which I could then get professionally printed at my university large-scale to then be submitted along with my sketchbooks etc.

How have the photos helped shape the rest of my figure work?

I think seeing theses photos that I have photographed I am really happy with because I took them naturally in my garden with no filter added to the photos afterwards on my own independently without help which is a big importance to me as I do need a lot help with other aspects of my work. This proves to me looking at the rest of my work how the photography is just as important as the making of my sculptural figures which sh

Will I photograph my work again in my garden in the future for example the sculptural figure life-sized character I plan to create? 

I think of course I will as long the weather is nice on the day I decide to do it but it always seems to be not a planned thing and decide on the day to want to do it. With my life-sized figures or figure I want to create if I can get them into my garden I may not be able get them outside as they will be my height if everything goes to plan when create them or it. With my life sized one it show a massive progression of how my work would have developed if I can photograph it or them in my garden naturally in scale would be great as a physical visual memory which is the part of what my work is about memories and stories. I got lucky again this time as there were lots of daisies in patch in the garden I could place my sculptural figures in and around which created a prettier, exciting more naturalistic setting for them.

Here are a selection of some of the photos I photographed of my sculptural figures below enjoy.