So clearing out my studio space was an interesting experience as it was bittersweet in the sense a bit as I won’t have it until I come back now after the summer but also now I am a part-time thank god I am able to have another year with a studio space which if I hadn’t gone part-time I would obviously be my last year and would be graduating so I feel very lucky. I feel so pleased and happy with this space I had and getting a red table too since I love red because when I look back on my second year the space I have had this year wasn’t the initial space I was eyeing up to have originally but anyway it’s worked out this way and its been a great success having it.

I must admit I have included some selfie’s in this blog of myself in my studio space as I do love it I know selfies in blog may not come across that professional but this is me and I want to be honest in this blog, that I like a selfie in my studio space with my tables and wall space with work up as I am proud art student of my work. I hope the selfies don’t make me come across a bad vain person.

In my last year I hope to have the same space with that red table but who knows what will happen which is daunting and scary I just would love everything to be the same really as I find change hard to accept . In one of my featured photos below I am holding up one of my sculptural figures up against my studio work displayed on the wall I just wanted to make sure I documented my studio space in detail as I may not be in this space in my last year I can suggest it. I just love the progression of my work its steps towards I feel now my ultimate goal to go life-sized with my sculptural figures which crazy really t think about as I never thought it could be possible but been surrounded by so much creative inspiration of my fellow peers work it’s helped me realize what I can achieve which is anything and any size which is so exciting.

Lastly I am super excited for the degree show this year my friends are so creatively talented their work I know will be amazing looking exhibited I feel so proud of them as I know there work and know them personally now more so unlike last years one the third years I didn’t have that close bond with so this year feels lot more special, which is why a part of me was unsure about going part-time because I won’t be able to exhibit which the group I have been with since the first year of our degree which I feel a bit gutted about but I know going part time has benefited me so much in terms of my support for my work and time given to do it.

Here a selection of studio photos clearing it and selfies enjoy below.