Well what can I say The Minories did amazingly well putting on this varied exhibition titled Between Things which consisted of this range of sculptural installation and textile fabric artwork something so different to what I have seen previously exhibited in the Minories in the past I felt it pushed boundaries with the scale which excited me greatly as I love seeing scale experimented with within artwork in a space.  I felt proud to have this art so near to me in the sense I can just get a bus to Colchester and visit it its more a less local to me. So first time I went to see it I was full of anticipation as I had seen photos of some of the work featured online on Instagram and Facebook and very excited as I loved what I had seen specially theses colourful sculptures by one former tutor who I had in my first year of this degree Clare Iles which were made from used wood and were large in scale and just reminded me of the work by the artist Phyllida Barlow the idea of reusing materials like wood and making a new use for them by making new work with them which I do with my figures so yeah it intrigued me a lot.

I remember even saying first time experiencing the exhibition out aloud oh this reminds me of  the Phyllida Barlow’s exhibition I saw in 2014 in my first year on an art trip to London at the Tate Briton Gallery which I will never forget it was incredible the use of experimented scale in size it had the wow factor. Being surrounded by this large-scale of work in the Minories which isn’t the biggest gallery how they managed to fit the pieces must have taken some time and effort the end result was super.

It also occurred to me how it would be a great opportunity to document one of my figures here dotted about photographed so like its had day out an adventure portraying a new story to tell with new memories so the second time I went bringing along one of my red resin made figures and photographed it against the particular pieces of work I loved. For some reason I forgot to have a figure with me the first time I saw the exhibition.  I like to think my figure enjoyed seeing the artwork specially like me the sculpture and installation work as that work my figure found more familiar to it being sculpture its self.

Photos below of my figure experiencing Between Things below hope you enjoy.