So this was a quite an exciting opportunity for me this exhibition to be part of as it was very easy to submit work and didn’t require a lot written statements and there weren’t  restrictions as I am part-time. I first about it from my tutor in our weekly morning group meeting on a Thursday and thought great one exhibition I can be put some work in which sounded simple to join. So I gave it a thought after looking on the theme of vision reality on the website it seemed very open and just picked out a selection of four of my original single figures all made from different materials one made from plaster, one made from clay raku fired progressed, one red coloured resin made figure and one of my wax crayon made figures. I instantly thought about submitting my wired sculptural figures or one of them but I am not entirely happy with them as their progression pieces so maybe I could have just submitted one as they show how my figure work is developing from one single figure to multiples joined together to create an even bigger figure character.

I was happy that all the work selected got to be exhibited anyway before the winners were announced and there was a private view which I went too with some of fellow Friends it was exciting seeing all the other work hanging out too with my friends and of course to see my work displayed other people looking at it too was cool I made sure to take quite a few photos. It was good exposure for my figures and exciting for them to be alongside lots of other art. Its made me want to be able to have more work in exhibitions in the future if the opportunities come up which I can be apart off.

Here is a selection of photos I took of my figures displayed below enjoy.