After photographing my wired figure man last Thursday in the hay gallery on a plinth against a white background to help me see it from all angles and get my tutors friends opinions on it helped me make sense of what I actually need to do next to make it appear to people better as a friendly comforting  character which isn’t scary and that is welcoming like that could be considered as a friend hopefully which it did appear to be with wire. If you like it was the straw that broke the candles back when I guy from the second year fine art course walked past and said transformers it made me question why I had made it and frustrated a bit because I’m really not trying to portray that robotic scary look in my sculptural figure characters what I am wanting to portray is a comforting friendly safe sculptural figure character which the audience can relate too.

So today I decided enough was enough and took it apart I wasn’t going to waste my figures and let them be in this wired crazy monstrosity of a character. It took a some good concentration and pliers taking apart all the wire crazy how much I used. I documented most of the process photographing it which I can then use in this blog. I find it always helps me taking photos having that visual aid to look back on too its something I’ve always done since being at Braintree College.

Below are some photos of it before and after I too it apart enjoy.