So after some reflective thinking my end goal for next year is to create some life sized figures from plaster or resin. For my end of year show I might have both but will have to consider the fact I have to pay for them both. I want them to be made from my little figures built up. I think they will be my height otherwise they will be so scary. If they are bigger than me I won’t be able to work with them. Since my work is about memories and stories portraying safety and a security,  I want them to be posed in positions which show this, for example one posed reaching out for a hug or one smaller figure on a larger one’s  lap.

I want them to be friendly if the audience sees them as scary then I haven’t done my job very well as the creator. Hopefully they will warm to them and be very popular. I am not sure if I want them to be touched or not as they would have been carefully placed in position. Since I want it to be an installation in the Hay Gallery, I hope to use lights inside which will create that comforting safe environment. I also might have some projected imagery on the wall of my life sized figures showing their story of how they came to life.

For this Rachel Whiteread has been my biggest inspiration to date from researching her for my dissertation and previous general research for my figures collection I’ve made. How her work fills space and also allows enough room for her sculptural pieces and for the audience to wander around them- I love it. I feel I will be even more inspired by her work when I see her upcoming exhibition this year in September at the Tate Briton in London, featuring classic pieces by her like Ghost. This will be the first time I see a big exhibition of her work I am really excited.