Unanswered questions and thoughts to consider??? 

So I’ve made a list but I have to warn readers its long and crazy  a bit my writing but everything about me to understand, but its what I have been made more aware of after talking about my work and from the group critique I needed to contemplate because I never do I always just want to make its the easy and most fun option.

  •  I feel awkward about admitting my Asperger’s is the main focus behind my work but the unconscious me sees it because aspects are noticed by my fellow peers and myself and recognizes it even though I want my figures to be about stories and memories.
  • Make my work more self explanatory so I don’t get awkward in future and confused in group crits so I have the right balance of explaining about my work but also when it can speak for its self.
  • Breaking away from red even though I love red its my weakness too as I’ve noticed my work is becoming predictable I am known as the girl who uses red and nothing else really I feel and the last thing I want my work to come across as is predictable which to me makes it sound like my work is basically boring.
  • Bringing back the organization in my practical work because right now is just all over the place so very chaotic and I like this balance of organized chaos because my art making life needs some structure to keep my head above the water, so I get just explode but at the same time is so chaotic which I love but the two things aren’t on par yet.
  • Trying to get my figures to be portrayed as there own person so they its more obvious for the viewer. I have thought about removing myself as the creator from instagram the artwork make scenes in boxes like in the style of Kurt Schwitters how he creates boxes with stuff in that he has collected  them to be in portraying a story create a social media instagram page just with them in with no mention of me in there so they are seen then as individual characters not just apart of me.
  • Bring back the photos of them out and about and maybe create a book showing theses photos which then will represent the history of the figures adventures which are the memoires I need to portray with them take new photos of my raku figures on there own.
  • Create massive figurine person taking inspiration from Antony Gormley  reusing old wax figures to help me like the figures again because I hate the wax figures and re invent them also make a massive raku figure from clay.
  • Maybe as closure to finish the red work off create massive red figure.