How does Space and Light define my work?

Since making my collection of figures for example I have considered and thought carefully about how space where there shown and light having the right light theses two elements effects my figures because I have a big enough collection now which needs to be shown whether altogether or in little groups. Because as soon as you have the right light and spaces setting your work is defined by that in a incredible way I would like to imagine and how the audience view it defines the artwork too for better or for worse.

How does light and space define artists work such as Rachel Whiteread who I have looked at closely for example is it similar to myself ?

Light can invite you into a piece of work take the piece Village by Rachel Whiteread if I had been able to be there looking around what village is which consists of dolls houses lit up inside clustered together, I would of been drawn in this safe and cosy environment which is all because of the lights without them the piece would be very dull and plain I think people would not be mesmerized.

Below is Village here.


Imagining there could be life inside them as light makes you think that inside dollhouses specially after reading up about her work in more detail for my dissertation this is how Rachel is getting at. The space I think works with the light the two both define each other how it was set up with some space in between for the public to wonder around engage that is incredible I feel its magical as there experiencing first hand quite closely.

This is what I dream and hope for next year for my end of year show piece which I think will be an installation I want that close encounter engagement with my work.

Also by Rachel Whiteread Embankment which consists of plaster casts of white boxes stacked up in piles which she has created an installation with for people to walk around like what appears to me like a maze as people could walk around explore the sections. Experimenting by taking the inside of the casts making them visible showing what could be life inside them to the viewer. I guess light is important when the light shines on them it makes the viewer interact with them even more.

Embankment below here.











My future installation plans involving light and space?