At the beginning of this year I had plans to create an installation inside the Hey Gallery consisting of booking it for a week to use as I wanted to see and show my initially everything I had done on the third year work in a different space for my friends and tutor to see. As I was at a point where I wasn’t sure where to go next with my work should I make more figures go back to my collage work. I had hoped to get feedback from my fellow peers and tutor in a group critique.

So its now March since the initially wanting to book a week in the Hay Gallery I went ahead emailed Mick Stubbs to arrange it but now I am having second thoughts because I have my dissertation and my refinement module both due in June as I am part time now I have gotten more time on them and they need to be my priorities in fact if I am being honest its just been my dissertation since starting it in January, February I feel its just not the right time for me to be organizing this installation. I don’t even have any new finished complete work to display which I would want to show not previous now.

I still want to do it but not next week when I have booked it for maybe later on this year I can when I will have more time to just focus on it. I might just do one day next week like Thursday as that’s my full studio day.