I think they were successful it was exciting on the private view to see your work being seen after having a day which we had to sort our work select where we would have it. Having the lights around them on the plinth people I think were intrigued. I think if I hadn’t of had the lights in and around them I don’t think they would been as inviting to the public which was my intention I wanted them to be shown that way. Having them my figures on a plinth though definitely portrayed them as art more so than characters to the public because a plinth comes across quite formal so I was really pleased to have the lights with them which formed a narrative character type story to my figures displayed.

How I felt about them displayed was I pleased with the overall outcome and my handmade cards of my figures I was selling?

I was pleased with my figures overall how the lights created this beautiful narrative over them making them as characters come to life even on formal looking plinth and with my Christmas cards I made I was really proud of how they had turned out after being able to want to create my own Christmas well since the first year I finally had the chance and I got to use my work as the subject which was amazing my red resin made figures in two scenes one a Christmas dinner set up and one the opening of the presents around the tree which were photographed in the photography studio professionally. thought they came across to the public quite fun and they liked them enough to buy a few.

I would definitely consider making another batch of my own cards for this year using my figures again but the scene set up would be of a winter wonderland with fake snow if I can get it online because the little props really helped make the scenes last year come to life.

Was it hard for myself working as a group sharing a space?

Yeah a bit because I love to have what I want and I struggle to compromise and I have always found it hard in social groups working on my own is a lot easier but I feel more at ease with out now being on this degree I have connected so much more than I ever thought I could with the other students on my course I will miss them when have left after graduating. I just need to be reminded sometimes of sharing because I feel I am very selfish as art student and person in general to be honest.

Would I want to do a group exhibition again in the church space?

Maybe I thought we got lucky with the church as my friend had already done exhibition there and so he had experience could pass on to the rest of us so weren’t completely in the dark about how to go about organizing it. I liked the fact the church was not your average typical traditional art exhibition space, choosing the unconventional option. I would love to just have the opportunities to exhibit in general even if its not in a group situation as it is really exciting and its important to experience. Once I have finished my degree I hope there will be more chances for me to apply for exhibitions which I can make more work for too.