Why I decided to make a second batch of new red resin figures?

I decided to make more figures because I had this burning desire too in me which is raw and deep and I feel like when you get theses burning desires you just let them control you almost and do what you fee is right. I feel that making my figures is not just a process; its like a story with a beginning, middle and end which I can appreciate enjoy because I create stories with my figures after there made of adventures I take them on, so to have the chance of creating another story by making them was a chance I wasn’t going to miss out on.

What was it like making some more figures again for the second time this week and why?

It was like going on another journey of making which I had already done, but this one was slightly different which is exciting and surprising as it is each time because the figures came out a pinker tone of red than the last lot which were a stronger red colour earlier on in the week which was an interesting for me because I have in my mind I have a fixed idea of what colour of red I want my figures to be and when there not its slightly hard to accept but its life things don’t work out always exactly how you want them to be.

How would they have felt if asked about them being made born?

I think they would have said there so happy to be made and excited for the future adventures there going to go on with their creator myself which just  would make me feel appreciated and loved by them that there happy to be made. Would be so exciting if this was my reality to imagine if they could talk in real life.


How will having built up my collection of red resin figures this week improve my future work?

It will make it easier when I want to create in particular installations with my figures I can more easily fill up a space than I before I made more figures which is exciting to think about because an installation would just be so cool to do with them getting all my red art together to create this magical beautiful space with fairy lights. For people to be apart of my story and get inside my head. In general I will just be befitted because I am not restricted to a lack of figures because I am building my collection. All in all it’s after making more figure’s it’s just so exciting.

Below is a photo of them which the cover photo for this blog enjoy.

Second lot of Resin Red coloured made Figures.