Why I decided to make some more red resin figures?

Well I had not made any red resin figures in particular since last march April time last year which is a long time not to make any considering I made a load of wax figures last October November and December which I now know I dislike. I don’t want to make anymore again. I knew earlier this year and recently the figures which I ultimately love are the ones made from resin and coloured red because the quality of resin is strong and last lasting it stands the test of time which I want, I don’t want them to break. I don’t want them to be fragile and delicate by breaking compared to the wax ones which were more likely to be which I ended up hating because I was spending all this time making them and the idea they could break at anytime because the wax was a soft material was annoying.

Coloured red too because red makes me feel so excited and happy whenever I use it in my art, I feel it’s almost addictive and I can not use it you know it’s a bit weird but that’s how I feel. I love the glossy glowing effect you get also with resin its beautiful it makes them more original I think to me people around me viewing them.

How can I use theses new figures in future work?

Well this is whats so exciting now I have made them I can take them around the UK, world with me to share special moments with support one another the figures help me build in confidence I help them build in confidence. I also what to use them in installations I plan to create before I graduate in 2018 which will show my dollhouse red lights figures in a wonderland dreamy setting which I want people to walk and experience and enjoy hopefully. My collages too I want to experiment with my 3D figures on a flat 2D collage and photograph them together which I have already done. I am loving combining them both and seeing what the outcomes are from the combination.

Has making theses inspired me to make even more and why?

Yes It did straight after making theses on Tuesday I wanted to make more again on the Thursday because I was in this productive making mindset of just wanting to make make!!!!!!!!!! After being down in previous weeks I could not make any because after finding out I had to  pay for the materials in the workshop it really annoyed me. I got over it this week and I had this boost of confidence which made me feel so happy because why should I not be happy and not make if I want too, I just have to deal with the fact I have to pay for the materials.

How do theses newly made figures compare to my originals?

Well the tone of the red of theses new resin figures wasn’t exactly the same as my originals it wasn’t as light and that particular post box red which I love, but it was still a strong red and I was happy with the outcome of them they looked so beautiful like new little babies and been born of mine weird but that’s how it felt. Other than the colour they looked pretty much like the originals, but what will always be the case is I will never that first special excited feeling when I made my originals for the first time that doesn’t compare to anything because it was my first time experience making them it will never happen again.

And finally how did theses new figures feel being made and how did they react to the older ones and how did my original ones react to the new ones?

I think they felt happy and lucky to be made because now they can go on to have lots of adventures with myself. I would like to imagine they are able to be friends with the originals and be part of the gang not be left out and with the originals hope they would welcome the newbies into their gang appreciating them not dismissing them because that’s rude.

Below are some photos of some of the before and after process of how I created them hope you enjoy people.