So to give some context we as a task had written an imaginary made up bio just for fun and to be able to help us understand and determine better I think what we should say and not say in a biography because some things aren’t important and are not suitable. Like for example I wrote in my made up one below this character loves watching TV it just comes across if mentioned in a professional one not professional at all like your a coming across a bit lazy.      

My Made Up Bio

Mr Red Figure from Camden London. Is a sculptor 3D based creates models. Studied at Slade Art School University in 2004. Won best 3D artist of the year award at Slade. Had an exhibition at Slade titled Installation Space? His interests include using Resin Plaster in his work loves TV. He is currently making a giant model of a head with resin in his studio in Shoreditch in London which is to be exhibited at the Serpentine Gallery in London.