So last month we had an idea for our upcoming christmas fair/ exhibition which was this month in December to have a raffle for the guests who come along on the private view evening which can help to raise even more money for us in the future wanting to get an exhibition in London. So as one of the prizes my friend Tom said we could all as a group customize a pair of his trainers. So I added to one trainer.

What I customized onto one trainer and the inspiration behind the design ?

So I decided to draw my red-figure well a few of them in fact by using one of my actual red figures I have made from resin as a template to draw round and of course I coloured them in red as I’m obsessed with it and I feel it’s a personal expression of me, since I use it as subject to my work which is what I wanted to portray and the inspiration to put on the trainer a bit of me.

If I am honest I went a bit crazy with the red in a selfish way a bit without maybe realizing it at the time taking up a lot of the space on the trainer I drew on so there wasn’t much rook for all my other friends to add their own design this is something I will think about in the future because sometimes I can just do something and I then it ends up being someone else who picks up on it and only then I realize what I have done and I’m a bit like whoops sorry.

Below are some photos I took of the process.