What was discussed in the tutorial?

I talked with Jo about my collage 2D work  and how to improve and refine them so there not just collages I’ve done using exploitative ideas which is what they were which I realized wasn’t the direction I wanted to go down. How I use imagery of artists work and my figure together into something original of my own. It’s an adventure for my figure inside the collages of artists imagery.

Jo said for me to use three female artists Georgia O’Keeffe, Phyllida Barlow and one I had to find from a library book I had not heard off. I found this artist called Anne Hardy.

I can use images of their work blown up to make my collages and include images of my figure into to make a self discovery journey for my figure.

What was my initial thoughts about this?

Good I feel it’s always so interesting to hear from your tutor who isn’t like your friend who will be a lot more critically analytical and will give it to you straight because it can make you think more about your work and question it which it did for me.

What developments have I done since that were talked about in my tutorial to improve my work?

I added more imagery I blew up and photocopied of some of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work and my red-figure and displayed them on my wall after my tutorial. Since I only had imagery of Mike Kelly’s installation I saw in London and previous work. So now my wall is building and becoming this mass off my collages which are really incredible and inspiring to look at.