What was my intention in changing and updating my studio space and why?

My intention was to just to have a good old tidy up of some stuff I had up which was annoying me which didn’t have a connection to my current work including this piece of fabric I made into this sculptural piece in the middle of my wall space which was just not needed anymore had no relevance to what I am doing now so that got taken down.

Also after speaking in a tutorial to my tutor Jo, I was even more inspired after she said to me to update my wall take some stuff down and just narrow it down to the collage work which is what I enjoy show and it’s not just something I have experimented with to try it out, which I had shown in my sketchbook. And to get my dollhouse out which I said it would be because I was sick of seeing it blocking up my space.

How do I feel about my studio space now its updated?

I feel pleased that now when I look at my studio wall its only work and imagery which is relevant to what I working on outside my figure making which is my collage creating. I felt there was too much going on my wall which didn’t help to help me refine down what I wanted to focus on as much as it does now which was important for me because before I was just wanting to try lots of collage ideas which were taking different directions to my collages I was creating beforehand.

Are there more changes I want to add in the future if so what are they and why?

I think there will be in the future including getting a shelve built and put in to display some of my figures which I have been thinking about wanting since seeing a friends studio space which had a shelve in it which looked great had work displayed on it . It will create more a sculptural edge to my space because I don’t like my spaces I use to be completely flat it bores me as a maker of 3D figures and it doesn’t get me inspired to want to create exciting work.

Below are some photos hopefully they will help visualize in your head what I have discussed above