A little bit about the background of Peter Fischli and David Weiss the Swiss artists duo and what there work is about.

They have made a real varied amount of work including film photography,sculpture installation. They are best know for creating a film piece they did the late 1980’s in 1987 called The Way Things Go which as mixed media based. From reading about them and there work, the underlying concept which for them is childlike discovery is to portray in what they create which is to persuade the viewer looking at there work to look differently at their surroundings where they are.

My reflective thoughts below:

What there work means to me and how it relates to my own work.?

To me just from looking at some of there work and discovering what there work is about, it seems a lot of there work is large scale involving big spaces which excites me because the work I create for it to make an impact when displayed needs a large space too for example  the red resin figures since I made quite a lot and they have built into a collection they need to be shown in large space to shine.

Other wise if its in a small space there a bit restricted because I wouldn’t be able to show all of them which has happened, but I think to really get the full meaning of them which is about red and my passion for it showing how red of course is a very positive colour for me enough to want to make a lot of artwork using it.

Its this idea of reusing something which already had a use but surprisingly you would not think of instantly to use to create art with like my ink cartridge containers and decided to experiment with to make something new a figure shape so they had a new life new history memories and stories. The figures now are there own person I have made them characters not just art taking them on adventures when travelling places photographing them which is in important so I can look back on that photo and remember that time moment as memory in the story of them.

What is my favourite piece by Fischli and Weiss if I have one and how does it specifically realte to my artwork?

Just from goggling some of there work I really like the one I have as my featured image for this blog and its below with the other photos I have selected called Don’t Play with your food. At the Carpet Shop 1979. How some of the food has been displayed like characters giving life to the food which is reminds me of my red figures how there displayed in photos as I always want them to be shown as not just art but as characters. I also like the use of space hoe it has defined the food which has become the artwork because without the right use of space this piece maybe non existent and would not be as interesting.

Below are some selected images of Peter Fischli and David Weiss work.

Hope you all enjoy reading this.