Why I made theses collages?

After seeing Abbie my friend making her felt stitched up doll figure I was intrigued to felt in a collage because I could cut it up and create a layered textured appearance which really appeals to me as someone who loves visually textured layered art. In the end it stood out as very bold and colourful which I loved which impresses me because it caught my attention.

I usually make stuff which visually pleases me gives me a positive feeling inside.  It became very tactile  you could touch the collage and feel the felt. Then after doing this one I continued to use felt and use wool in other collages.

What were they about?

Exploration of new ways to create collages. Trial and error.  Mainly my art my red figure and artists imagery I have been inspired by blown up so bit of both Incorporated together.

How could they have helped me with future work?

Not sure to be honest because they weren’t really where I was wanting to go with my collages which is a personal self discovery for my red figure inside artists work which has inspired me. I am glad though I have explored a new way of creating collages.