Two weeks ago from in a tutorial my tutor said for me to go to the library and pick randomly an unknown female artist to research and use in my collages I am creating currently creating so I did exactly that and I discovered this artist Anne Hardy.

What type of work does Anne Hardy create?

She creates theses big installation sculptural creations using photography and audio. But after reading an article in the guardian magazine from 2009 titled Artist of the week 64: Anne Hardy | Art and design. I found out she is one of a number of contemporary photographers well aware that the documentary look is best recreated by using stage sets. Something that comes across evidently is her particular ingenuity is to build these out of the junk she finds outside her studio in Hackney. Which I thinks shows her resourcefulness in what she uses to the environment which is important and I admire her for  it.

What is the most exciting thing about her work?

Just from some of the images I have seen of her installation creations I get a real sense of scale from them there big which excites me because I love experimenting with scale in my own work not just keeping to one size because I find it can get quite boring and predictable which is why I have been thinking about making a bigger figure mould to create a bigger sized figure. I also feel her installation creations maybe are trying to portray a story or theme which connects to my work.

How does or could her work relate to mine and why?

Well she reuses so called rubbish to create new work so its been given a new life which had life already and a story exactly like with my plastic ink cartridges to create originally my figures so we both into being resourceful with what we use using our imagination go wild and curiosity flow.

Since discovering her and her work how could it help me with future researching of new artists?

Well since discovering her and her work I feel so inspired to create bigger bolder work so for example bigger figures for a big installation, where I can show my personality and my passion for red and people can experience what goes on inside my head which is important because I do find it hard sometimes to explain what my work is about. So to do it visually would be easier because they can just be part of an experience engaged instead of listening to me  it can speak for itself hopefully.

Below are some images I found of her installations including one with herself in hope you enjoy.