What were the figures first initial thoughts about Joe’s installation?

I would like imagine they would have been excited to experience something new, but also a bit a nervous for the exact same reason because it’s a new experience to engage in which can worry them,since there used to what I am used too because I take them to places I am familiar with, but once were new to me .

How did my figure feel once inside the installation?

Excited to experience something which felt free and welcoming to all visiting with no pre judgments which I think my figure would have been unimpressed with because none should be judged should they or anything. You just be who you want to be. My figure felt really happy about the fact it was an installation you physically had to walk into unlike just a traditional art gallery type setting it was alternative which made it special for my figure. It was not predictable in that sense.

How did the experience of being in Joe’s installation affect my figure and why ?

It effected my figure for the better it was an eye opener to accept new ways of portraying art and appreciate it for what it means and is which is something special that can blow your mind for the better or the worst sometimes, but to know this you have to experience it. In this case it blew my figures mind for the better because it surprised them so much my figure wanted to go in again.

Could the installation benefit my figure in its future life?

Yes for sure because I hope to include my figures in an installation that I will have created which will be a beautiful red wonderland for them to be have fun be themselves in and not to be afraid of what people will say about them. Luckily we are together so we can help each other out. So by placing them inside this installation gives them the beneficial experience they need to give them confidence in their own one essentially, otherwise they would have maybe been too nervous to be in there own one.


Below are some photos of my Red Figure inside Joe’s Installation hope yo enjoy.