Firstly Joe is my friend a fellow art student on my course and he created set up this installation.

What his work is about?

His work is about masculinity which involves gender-ism and changing the perception stereotype of it that men are meant to be always so tough and not cry when in fact if they want they should be able to cry and not be embarrassed. Using his work to capture it to the world.  With this particular installation he had set up he wanted to create his own interpretation which came across to me like a freedom fun party disco vibe.

What I found interesting from experiencing his installation?

I found his installation beautiful in a weird way I think because his work I would not say its fun and cheeky but not really what traditionally you might think is beautiful. How he had set up everything the lights, music and the framed photos of himself it looked so jazzy and beautiful it’s the first word I said in it that came to my mind.

I liked how carefree it was and fun the idea you cold be in it and be whatever whoever you wanted with no judgment it was wonderful and I was saying to Joe inside his installation about how I felt this free carefree vibe and he was pleased to hear that I think he wanted to portray that.

How could it help me with my own work?

I don’t know how it could help me with my own work personally in terms of practical development but it did inspire to want to set up an installation exhibition in the hay galleries of my work making it a beautiful red magical dream place which people can experience and enjoy hopefully with my dollhouse figures red fairy lights. I think it would be really exciting for people to experience.

Below are a few pics of his installation including a selfie of me with him featured.

Hope you enjoy