So last month now I went to London on a uni art trip and we were taken to a number of art galleries by artists I had not heard of before by our tutor including this one The Sadie Cole Gallery featuring the work by artist Laura Owen who is a painter best known for her large-scale paintings that combine a variety of art historical references and painterly techniques.

What were my first initial impressions about her work seeing it for the first time?

I thought her use of bold colours and scale was really impressive since I love scale and I always gravitate towards larger pieces of work. Considering I didn’t know her and about her work it was a wonderful positive surprise to me.

I liked in some of her paintings the use of thick paint how it was applied some of it just left in sculptural lumps to create this intense textured appearance, it really caught my eye because I love texture in artwork because to me it feels like the 3D element is coming through which is excites me as a 3D sculpture lover..

What I found the most exciting about her work any piece in particular and why which caught my eye?

One of her mixed media paintings in particular of a teapot and below the painting said time for tea and instantly I felt a connection to it just for the simple reason that I love tea and I personally always make time to have a cuppa so it made me happy.

I also found some of her paintings which I have already mentioned previously above, where she had left textured lumps of paint on the canvas really attractively pleasing because to me they looked like mini sculptural shapes almost falling off dropping to the ground.

After seeing her work for the first time would how would it help me in my future work and would I see more of her work again if I had the chance too?

I think her work has given me more inspiration to create better bigger collages which are mixed media like her work is and to incorporate more sculptural textures in them, because I feel like with them right now there boring me and they need a new bit of life and energy injected into them which will please me more and excite me for the better. I think I would see more of her work in the future if I had the chance.

Would it benefit me more when seeing art exhibited to try to see more art I am not familiar with beforehand?

I think this was really good for me considering when I see art exhibited its normally by artists I do know prior to seeing their work which is in my comfort zone, so to be not in my comfort in that sense I surprised myself and loved all the work I saw. I will in future maybe try this our when in London with my mum or friends could end up being a really positive experience.

Here are some photos below of Laura Owens work hope you enjoy thanks.