As I walked into the gallery room which exhibited Framed and Frame (Miniature Reproduction “Chinatown Wishing Well” in two parts. I thought wow this is so impressive and powerful because of the large-scale of them they filled the space which was just amazing since I always gravitate towards large-scale art. I instantly felt I was undertaking a journey to discover them for myself. I found seeing the use of red very comforting like I was safe and connected because of the red featured in it.

The second part especially communicated to me a sense of home and comfort because it looked like a miniature town or city I was experiencing how it had been made so beautifully, it made me feel safe and somewhere my figures to be safe too and  I could imagine them nested in their piece of art. Which didn’t happen because I wouldn’t be allowed.

I think from seeing this its given me more determination to always strive to make whatever I want no matter the size and never just make do because Mike Kelley made theses incredible pieces which were large in scale and look like they took some time to accomplish.

Some photos below enjoy.