Context a bit about the artist and his exhibition:

Marc Camille is an artist he has done a number of different types of media based work within sculpture photography painting with prototypes for everyday objects. He explores in his work the space between public and private. This installation based on the combination of art historical references such as the glam rock culture described by him as a (Scattered Environment) with filtered lights and a soundtrack.

The link is below where I found this information.


What were my thoughts before seeing this installation by artist I didn’t know?

I think it was a mixture of integument of curiosity and excitement because it was a new exhibition of work by an artist I didn’t know I was going to be walking into, what it would be like I was curious to experience which was exciting too to discover. But at the same time since most new things I engage with or into make me nervous and worried because there not familiar to me so I was probably feeling these two emotions as well.

What were my first impressions of this installation and why experiencing it?

There was this whoosh of excitement walking into this installation because I felt like this is the kinda art I feel I belong too and relate too which is great for me and love that I can say this because it didn’t just feel like a typical art exhibition. It felt like an experience that you could be a part of whether that was bad or good or amazing or whatever you could still appreciate because it was bigger than something so traditional I thought as this. I found it to be for myself magical and full of wonder wanting to seek out more parts of it.

What I found the most interesting in this installation and why?

I think in general just the free floaty freedom vibes I felt walking around the installation it didn’t feel like too contrived like forced on you this installation and fake, it came across to me like it was able to be whatever to anyone who was experiencing it. I loved in detail though some of the objects featured in the installation including the lights especially they created this beautiful gentle effect walking around them it was felt magical.

I also loved the mirror it felt very modern and in keeping with today’s digital age because you could look at yourself if you so wished and take a selfie which I did. Mirrors also work with lights and lights work with mirrors as they were near to each other. The lights shined onto the mirror creating like  a stary yellow-orange appearance which was engaging and intense I felt drawn into.

And finally would I see more artists work exhibited I don’t already know about before hand?

I think I would because I realize how exciting can be to find out artwork by a new artist which ends up being something you love instantly and can help inspire your own work which is surprising to me to say because the unknown is a daunting prospect which I find uncomfortable but then once you experience it it’s not unknown and that’s what I have to keep in my head. I just have to get used to it.

Below are some photos I took of the instillation featured one of my red figures I brought with me to London.