So recently it was half term which meant I didn’t need to be at uni I got a week off so on one of the days I went on an art gallery seeing trip to London because there were two exhibitions I wanted to check out for my personal interest curiosity as an art student seeing art up close is very important for your research because there is something so different when you see art in real life, to seeing art online or in a book because your thoughts change and you can actually experience the art which is just incredible and exciting because your thoughts can change from seeing the art in a book or online to when you see it in real life for the better or maybe for the worse, but at last in your mind you a have come to that decision in your mind from questioning the artwork.

So one of the exhibitions showing sculptures by Tony Cragg the sculptor at the Lisson Gallery and since I love sculpture the idea of seeing something up close that has been made quite skillfully which isn’t flat its an actual object, it’s so exciting to experience and I make 3D sculptural figures myself so this really appealed to me. I liked the varied scale of the sculptures some were bigger some smaller so they were all different not one was the same which makes it exciting to want to check out the work because they were all the same where’s the magic and the excitement in that it would be totally boring.

There were two titled  Spring 2016  Bronze and Industrial Nature 2015 in Aluminium which were red and of course they definitely appealed to me because I find red fascinating and very attractively exciting to look at it and to use in my work it makes me happy. Which became my favourites which ultimately led to me wanting to photograph them as much as I could after asking if photography was allowed and to just look at them too for a while and I got really excited and I was like saying out aloud wow theses are really cool so impressive.

But to be honest it was more so the bigger one which featured a lot of red in it called Industrial Nature which I think I prefer because it obviously it was bigger in scale, but also it looked like a lot of giant Salami’s joined up together which looked so fun and comedic, with this white pattern on top of the red it looked so beautiful. I felt like there was so much to see in this sculpture from all angles it was very powerful to look at it.

For me if a sculpture is big it is more attractively for me to look at than say a smaller sculpture exhibited but then again my figures I are not big and I love them and they excite me so much so I am contradicting myself as I do quite a bit. I just think to see something  say if there was a smaller sculpture next door to that bigger sculpture it doesn’t quite give me that it’s quite dull in compassion for me .


After seeing theses sculptures specially Industrial Nature I am even more inspired to create bigger figures because then I can see how they are with the originals and photograph them together  take the bigger ones on trips too maybe not as often because they will weigh more. Also some edible ones which I had never thought about before the idea that my figures could be eaten makes me feel weird and uncomfortable because I want to keep them safe as there protector but also I am curious because it would be fun for  christmas  I could give them away as presents.

I have featured a few of his sculptures some of my favourites below with me included next to them.