Since they are a part of me because I created them hopefully this is going to be easy to answer in response to this question What was my figures initial reaction to Tony Craggs Sculptures?  I think my one figure I brought with me was impressed and mesmerized with the large-scale of his sculptures because they were all bigger than my figure which you may think they would not be because seeing something bigger than you can be quite scary. They weren’t in fact they loved them.

If they were real they would have been so excited to see them rushing over to them. Like me especially the ones which featured red because there red themselves they would feel more connected to them.

In response to this question Why I decided to photograph my figure next to Tony Cragg’s sculptures?  I think as their creator its my job to show them bits of the world because it helps build their confidence seeing new places and myself too so we end up helping out each other. I think ultimately they enjoy seeing new places its exciting to them.


And finally now I have photographed my figure next to some of Tony Craggs sculptures.  I just want to continue documenting them around the world as I think its incredible because I don’t know if I would have imagined I would have been able to do so when I started out making them. I have documented them in Rome in Italy which is the furthest I have taken one so far.

So who knows where else in the future the world is my oyster as they say. I would love to take one to Brazil if I am able visit one day because I have family there. So I could show them my figure and photograph them with it.

Photos below here hope you enjoy.