What was my initial reaction to her work?

I think I was so taken about by the incredible scale of her paintings they blew me away even though my work isn’t based in painting, I found the paintings so exciting and powerful, I felt a connection to them some more so I preferred in particular. I just wanted to look at them for a good while because I was so drawn to them the detail and the scale like I previously said which always grabs my attention to a piece of art if its large I scale.

What communicated to me in her work any work  in particular?

I think one of her paintings which really grabbed my attention and communicated to me for obvious reasons because it had red in it which I personally connect with because it communicates happiness and excitement to me and I use it so much in my artwork a lot of my figures I have made are red for that reason. Since most of her paintings don’t feature red so I was quite excited to come across this painting called Oriental Poppies.

It had a sense of warmth and richness to it with the red it and orange and a strong sense of pride like the poppies were taking over me making me mesmerised by them and wanting me to look at them for longer periods of time.

Just in general the whole exhibition had real sense of ownership of Georgia O O’Keeffe and her style herself to me which I loved it was almost if she had been there that would have been the icing on top of the cake you know. I felt proud to be a female studying art and proud to know a strong female artist like her.

Going forward how will seeing her work help me with my future work?

Its given me more self belief and confidence in myself as a female art student to aways strive further in my future artwork and achieve create make anything I want and to not just being ok with it otherwise you will regret it. So I just felt ultimately empowered by her exhibition.

Here are some photos of her work I saw exhibited enjoy below.