So yesterday I got to do something quite exciting I got to use one of the photography studios at Colchester Institute to photograph my Red resin made figures for the Christmas cards I have been planning and wanting to create professionally for quite some point and of course I was only going to only ever use the favourite red figures of mine as it’s for christmas. Theses cards will be for the Christmas fair /exhibition we planning in December and will be sold there which is in aid of our upcoming London art exhibition next to raise money for it.

My idea for my red figures was to set them up as if they were like humans having a traditional Christmas Dinner and then after chilling around the Christmas tree to open their presents looking all cosy and warm. To make the set up scenes more realistic I bought a miniature christmas tree and it came with mini presents, a mini roast turkey and Santa hats which were a success worked perfectly.

At the end of the afternoon I got to see some of the photos taken and they looked so beautiful so magical with the lights the props I bought I am so pleased with them so proud that there going to be on a card I hope people love and want to buy and I am also going to give to my friends family which will be exciting. In particular the shows behind in the background look so cool the effect of them creates mystery and intrigue like there are more but behind them.

Below are three from the collection of photos I took enjoy.

Happy festive times even its October.