Jo our tutor gave us some different ideas ways to reflect on which don’t involve much writing because she said to us about how it can be quite hard and not as exciting to be constantly use writing as a way of reflecting and not everyone wants to write they may want to draw imagery mind mapping other ways of reflecting.

I  appreciated that and it was nice to get some different ways of reflecting because I still personally find it hard to reflect keeping it refined not going on too much. Since I like mind mapping and I recently did one to show Jo what I had reflected on what I still needed to do I liked one of her examples she showed us which we could or not take on board which was a spiral mind map idea drawing or writing inside it she suggested drawing inside it.

The example she showed us I liked below.


My reflective action plan mind map I mentioned above about.

Reflection action plan mind map.

With a mind map they just get the brain working and it doesn’t have to be as intense as a reflective documented piece of writing  it can be looser than that more relaxed looking  and it can be so creative looking with lots of colour or not done on the computer or not. It can really inspire you with ideas and thoughts for future work.

So below is one mind map I did to help me with my dissertation of course in red using this software program called Mind View to help with planning of work and it’s really cool because you can colour fill design the mind map to whatever you would like it to look like. You can also if you want to go back to your mind map whenever to refer too if you need it to help inspire you.

So I have written artists which I wanted to look at and the topics in art sculpture I wanted to look at.

With my dissertation now I need to refine what I am going to be writing about because I have so many ideas and start a proposal for that to happen.

Dissertation Mind Map in Red