So Thursday was a very productive day and fun packed day I decided to update my studio space change it around take some paintings I had done in the summer of the courgettes my dad grew in his allotment because there current to what I am doing now.

So now my wall space is everything that is current to what work I am doing that now my collages which I have made on the same day I updated my wall and two postcards of work which relates to mine. apart from a print of Joe’s work which is red and I just like because its red and I love red which is a bit of pointless and stupid reason but there we go.

I am proud of myself for updating my studio wall its like in life things need updating refreshing like a bedroom studio which I did and that does mean a change and change is something I do find hard to deal with I get so used the familiar of what I know and what I am comfortable with. It just doesn’t come natural to me a lot of the time some people may find it easier but for me it makes me worried and stressed.

The collages I did I used images I had photocopied blown up tinted in red cut up to make them my own from books of artists work by Antony Gormley and Allan McCollum  I have been looking at for my dissertation, but I thought why not as well use them in my practical work because I feel it makes sense too considering I don’t have much artists research in this blog yet apart from the Tate modern trip.

I love that how much work they both have created its inspiring some of the images in the two books I was looking at its amazing to me some of their work looks like a collection built up in itself like my figures that’s a collection.

I have been using an image I photocopied in particular in all of my collages of a naked sculpture life-sized well it looks like it in the book by Antony Gormley and using it as a template to draw round. I have to be honest I don’t ever use normally nudity in my work because it just makes me feel weird but for some reason I have felt empowered and proud of myself to use it in my work which has made theses collages more daring and interesting for people seeing my work on social media in person they want to like something which i have done which they may have not seen from me before which is so cool.

It means that people can see change in my work and they are excited to see it and I am excited I am changing what I incorporate.